Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Splitboarding: What it is!

I thought I'd do a blog that would explain splitboarding to the uninitiated.

Above, I have my splitboard, a Forum Roost 158(cm) and below it, my all mountain stick, a Never Summer Revolver 156. Obviously, a splitboard is a snowboard. The difference is that you can take a splitboard apart, remount the bindings, add snow traction skins to the bottom and ascend the mountain as a pair of skis.

I bought the board on Ebay with a splitboard conversion kit made by Voile and skins. The board had already been cut in half, so I just needed to treat the inner exposed edge to waterproof it. I used spray enamel, but I know people use epoxy, as well. The hardware was relatively easy to put on the board.

At the tip and tail, there are hooks that help align and hold the board together.

To release the bindings, first, pull a this pin from under the toe of the bindings.

The bindings are attached to plates that slide onto base pieces that are screwed to the each board.

Slide the bindings off and take the board apart by the releasing the hooks.

Now, you're ready to reattach the bindings to each ski. First, swap your left and right skis so that the snowboard finished edge is on the inside. This keeps you from snagging the hooks when you're in tour mode.

Next, attach the binding with the pin to each ski. Now, when you walk, the binding has a free heel.

The risers under the binding make it easier to ascend steep pitches.

Finally, attach the skin to each ski.

They fit by hooking over the end of each ski, then you stretch the skin the length of the ski and press it to the base. The skins have adhesive on one side that keeps them tight to the base of your board. The bottoms have a texture that allows them to slide forward but not backwards once you are on the snow.

Other essential gear, if you're going to shred some serious gnar. Shovel, avalanche probe and avalanche beacon. Collapsible poles, extra gloves, water, food, firestarter, some tools, and a space blanket, usually make it into my pack.

Splitboarding is the ultimate ride. With one, you can ride any pitch you are determined enough to go up. Like this one.


  1. You read my mind. I did not want to ask, but kinda figured it out. Sounds like a sick ride.

  2. ...and what a workout! Ascending a couple thousand feet often takes a few hours. Complete cardio and full body workout, even on the way down.