Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Split Session

Began my day with a nice, hard early morning hill climb run in light snowfall while most of Steamboat Springs slept. My body woke me up a little after 5a.m., so I listened and complied and got suited up to go out with Benihana. Light jog for the first half mile, as usual. Under dark skies, I could see the hazy glow of the moon behind the clouds. Occasional flakes of snow passed my headlamp and landed on my face. Solid climb effort today, running the entire time, all the way to Second Vista, 800' vertical above the valley floor. I estimate the distance to be 1.5 miles. The average slope grade to be about 30 degrees with one .25 mile flat section. Running up to 2nd Vista is like doing two hill intervals, separated by a quarter-mile recovery run. The first hill is quite long, the one after the flat section, short but very steep. Maybe 45 degrees at the very end. Today, I turned around at the highpoint and whistled for Benny to follow. Fun run down the hill, without being too agressive and took a longer route to the bottom to make sure my run wasn't too short. Finished running in 50:42.

After work, I felt like another workout so I laced up again and went out on the road to get a little mileage. Much warmer than the morning, I actually ran without a beanie for the last 20 minutes or so. The sidewalks were all but clear of snow and ice, only a few mushy sections, but the footing was safe. Felt like a little trail and road mix. Good stuff. I made a loop from the house up to the ski area and around Mt. Werner Circle down to the bike path. Followed the bike path, then veered off and ran around the neighborhood for a little while to make my run time 41:16 for 5 miles, about 8:20/mile.

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