Friday, March 5, 2010


Took Thursday off from running and went to JD's in the evening to do a little snowboard base repair and general hanging out. I meant to bring my camera and take some pictures of the splitboard and do a blog entry that explains what splitboarding is and all that. That didn't happen, but I will do the aforementioned blog in the near future.

It snowed a few inches of spring snow last night. Started snowing again this afternoon and has been snowing hard ever since. It's supposed to dump all night. That said, it should be a powder day in the 'Boat tomorrow so I don't think I'll go running in the morning and save it for the hill. I'll probably "press glass" (which is a local way of saying you'll be first in line at the Gondola in the morning. Pressed against the glass doors. Get it?)since I haven't done that yet this season. It will be nice to get some killer inbounds turns before it gets tracked up. I'm just hoping for a deep day. Currently, we are just hitting 200" of total snowfall for the ski area, with a little over a month to go before it closes. By comparison, Steamboat averages 350" a year, with our record snowfall, two years ago, being 489". While, I've definitely had a couple of face shots this year, it's been a lackluster year, overall, in Steamboat. But, March is a snowy month in the Rockies, and tomorrow should be good.

Speaking of snow, tonight's run was full of it. Free ran 6 slushy miles on the bike path, through parking lots, a field of knee deep snow, up long hills and around the neighborhood and the park in a hard, wet snowstorm. Fun and dark headlamp mission. It was a Runner's run, for sure. I think it's exhilarting to run in really adverse weather. There is something so satisfying about running free, your body warm and your mind alert, with the weather hard on your face. Today was no exception as I caught myself running with a huge smile more than a few times.

One of my most vivid memories of running is from college. I routinely ran a six mile loop from George Washington University to the Capitol and back along the National Mall. One particular day, it was already cold and raining when I left on my run. As I ran around the Capitol and started making my return run to school, the weather just unleashed, the wind picked up and it started hailing! Painful, pelting hail and me with 3 miles to go. I just remember laughing because the weather could not have gotten any worse. There was nothing to do but laugh. Laugh and run home!

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  1. I love crazy weather! I was smiling reading this post.