Saturday, November 6, 2010

Into the future (future..., future...)

Since Run Rabbit Run and my last post which was well over a month ago, I've curtailed my running quite a bit in order to let things heal. It's been a great last couple of months despite not getting out on the trails as much as I'd like. Personally, I was ready for a change of pace to regroup mentally as well as physically. Between all the running, travel, work and starting a new relationship, it's been the busiest summer I've had in a few years and it's been nice to rest a little and just retool my running and think about the past summer and what next summer's running calender might bring.

Quite frankly, I couldn't believe how well I ran in my races this year with regards to time and placing. Even though I felt mostly injury-prone (still in this phase, a bit) in the late summer, it was nice to see I was capable of some fast running when I'm healthy. To that end, I plan on using some weight training and cutting back on the running this winter and, instead, getting on the splitboard as much as possible and maybe trying skate skiing and classic cross-country for the ol' cardio. I'm going to need some strong bones and joints for next running season because the races I'm thinking about for next year are going to be challenging.

- 15th-17th Desert R.A.T.S. Trail Running Festival, Fruita, CO or 16th, Zane Grey 50, Pine, AZ
- 1st Collegiate Peaks Trail Run
- 31st Pineland Farms Trail Running Festival, MAINE
- 18th San Juan Solstice 50, Lake City, CO or 18th-20th, Chattanooga Stage Race, TENNESSEE
- 25th Old Gabe 50K, Bozeman, MT or 26th Chattanooga River 50K
- Local races and running
- pace at Hardrock 100, Silverton, CO
- 6th HURL Elkhorn Endurance Run, Helena, MT
- 21st pace at Leadville 100, CO
- 28th Silverton Alpine Marathon, Silverton, CO
- 5th Breck Crest Mountain Marathon, Breckenridge, CO
- 19th Run Rabbit Run
- 25th Golden Leak Half Marathon, Aspen, CO
- 3rd Ouray Trail Run

There will be some fun decisions to be made in most of these circumstances as I whittle this list down to the 3 or 4 races I will actually get to do. I still don't think I'm ready to go for a 100 miler, yet. Pacing duties only at Leadville and hopefully, Hardrock. Instead, next summer I think I want to try some really challenging 50K and/or 50 milers and maybe a stage race. I also want to do more exploring in the great state of Colorado and climb a couple of 14'ers with Katy. It will be an ambitious 2011, that's for sure.

In the meantime, I started running again a couple of weeks ago, just going out every other day and doing 4 to 6 miles on Emerald Mountain or on Spring Creek. I love being able to run to the trails from my doorstep! I've been keeping the effort mostly light, running for an hour or so after work. I've done a little up tempo running but I'm still feeling some tenderness in my feet when I sit for too long so I know I need to keep it easy. For now, I'm feeling good but still not 100% healthy. It wouldn't be bad if the weather wasn't so stellar lately. The cold mornings and 60 degree afternoons are perfect for really long runs in the mountains. Within the next few weeks, it will be snowing and I'll be thinking about surfing the mountain rather than running it.