Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Good one!

Excellent day, particularly from a training standpoint. Started the day off by running for about 45 minutes with Benihana on some nice, crunchy snow. Ran the climb up to First Vista, about 600' vertical in a half-mile. Whistled for Benny, turned around and ran back down most of the way only to find the dog had his own agenda. So, I turned around and ran back up about half way up the hill, cursing and whistling for my canine cohort. Hmm...hill intervals, I thought. Good workout. Finally, caught sight of the husky bounding down the trail, so I turned tail and hustled to the bottom of the hill. Felt great to run fast early in the morning! Leashed up the dog as we got to the park and jogged a 1/4 mile home.

I left work around 2pm. Later, in the day, Matty G was in town, so we got the ol' splitboards out and skinned up a scar on Emerald Mountain. Fun, little hour or so hike up before my skins started collecting snow on a rather steep pitch through the trees. My feet kept slipping out from underneath me, so I decided to stop fighting and put my board together, slung it on my backpack and hiked as far up as I could. Eventually, I was post holing to my thighs and decided to strap in there. Matty kept skinning up to the top so I waited for him to come schralping down. The snow was heavy, wet, spring snow, but easy to punch through and slashy. We had a fun section through the trees, then pointed it into the big, flat Orton Meadow on the northeast side of Emerald, and surfed it most of the way back to the car, with Matty's malamute Sooky, running behind us the whole way. Benihana stayed home for this mission. All in all, a couple of fun hours breaking a sweat and making some fun spring turns. Loving the extra daylight. Can't wait to set the clocks back!

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