Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just one quick blog entry before I take off to Moab. A slow week at work so I got up on the hill to do a little snowboarding. Everything is winding down with only a few weeks until the mountain closes and this season finally (mercifully) ends. Currently, we stand at 220" of snow for the season, which is incredibly sad by Steamboat standards (avg. 350"). I just hope we get some rain this spring/summer to make up for the lack of snowfall and so we can have campfires this year.

Wednesday, it snowed a couple inches and Bob skied in the morning, so we traded shifts at the shop and I took the afternoon to go poke around in the fog. The top of the mountain was completely socked in, so I stayed low and took a few laps. I found some good pockets of snow in the north facing trees but the overall visibility was so shitty that I called it after only riding for an hour or so.

Thursday was alot nicer and sunny. I went for a 30 minute hill run with Benihana in the morning, before work, while it was still dark. Went to work for a few hours but left the shop at noon and went up on the hill with BA after we had brunch. We met up with Spicoli at the top of the gondola and the three of us got some great sunny, spring turns. Fun, fast and poppy! After riding, I still felt good, so I went for a :45 run in the afternoon. I got to wear shorts, which was a nice change, and I ran with the dogs for about :25 then took them home and went out on the road for a shorty.

Today, I ended up working a full day (of course, I wanted to leave town!) and I just finished packing for Moab. Going to sleep early and leave mad early tomorrow morning for some red rocks, sand and sun (and maybe a little rain on Friday).

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