Saturday, February 26, 2011

Feb. 18 - Feb. 26

February 18 - 26, 2011 - Weekly Summary

2/18 - Friday -  No running.  Full day working and helping Jonny B. with Mina's 4Runner.

2/19 - Saturday -  Nope.  Happy to chill with BA and the dogs.  Just straight kickin' it.  It's mid/late winter. I'm not afraid to rest.  

2/20 - Sunday - Light run/hike with Katy. 5.5 miles on Spring Creek, about 1:40, I think.  Semi-sunny day.  A really fun, snow boot pack hike.  Saw a few hikers and dogs,  one trail runner and Faye and Dale Baker out for a ski.  It was wonderful to be back on the trail with Katy.   

2/21 - Monday - Worked until 5 p.m., then went to WFR class at 6 p.m.  Busy day.

2/22 - Tuesday - Left work early and decided to go snowboarding.  At first, JD and I were going to go on the hill but last minute change of plans had us going up to Buffalo Pass to go snowmo-boarding with Mike and Chris Sciacca.  A beautiful but cold day, with intermittent sun and some cloudiness.  Each of us got 6 laps in the Exhibition area .  The snow was incredible and I racked up some of the most fun powder lines I've gotten this year.  Snowmobiles made getting so many laps easy.  Tremendous amount of snow on Buff.   My legs are shot.  Feels great.   Amazing day, fellas.

2/23 - Wednesday - 4.48 miles, 41:16, 9:13/mi. avg. - Nice afternoon run between work and class.  Got back the results of our first exam and I aced my first test!  That's right, 100%.  The nerd is back!

2/24 - Thursday -  Off. 

2/25 - Friday - Off.  Drove to Denver and back.

2/26 - Saturday - 7.77 miles, 1:21, 10:27/mi. avg. including walking. Nice, warm afternoon run in just shorts and long sleeved shirt!  I'm so happy March and some warmer temperatures are near.  Even if it keeps snowing, at least it won't be brutally cold.  Ran the boot packed trail around Whistler Park, for starters.  Then, proceeded up Bear Drive, to Ski Trail Lane and then the nice, long downhill around Mt. Werner Circle.  Finished up on the bike path and rolled home and walked the dogs to cool down. 

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