Thursday, February 17, 2011

Feb. 11 - Feb. 17

Weekly Summary - Feb. 11 - 17, 2011

2/11 - Friday - No running.

2/12 - Saturday - No running.  Hiked out to Fish Creek Falls Canyon from the top of Pony Express chair and got a sick line through the trees down to the Keyhole.  Snow was super deep and light.  I actually overshot the entrance to the Keyhole and had to unstrap, re-ascend and traverse over about 50 - 60 yards in very deep snow to avoid getting cliffed out.  A little gnarly.   Went home after that short session and walked some dogs, walked more dogs, then, strapped on the splitboard and took some dogs out into the deep snow in Whistler Park.  Only snowboarded one short line and just spent the time enjoying the touring and watching the dogs play.

2/13 - Sunday - No running.  Went for a short tour around the park with Katy.  Me on the splitty, her on cross country skis.  It was super fun to just play around the park with no "workout" or "exercise" agenda even though you work up a good sweat.  Katy broke the Whistler Park distance record for straight-lining  on cross country skis.  Sick.  You had to be there.  Incredibly beautiful, sunny day and even a little bit warm.  No gym either as I had a few things to take care of today.   School tomorrow night so probably another day off unless I leave work early. 

2/14 - Monday - No running.  Snowboarded with JD and Eric on a beautiful, warm, bluebird day.  Super sunny and fun and fast snow.  Straight maching (that's "going fast") the groomers and floating many a fun air on every available hit.  I must've done a score of backside shifties and butters.  It was one of those days when you feel like you're a kid again.  Screaming by the tourists, going ridiculously fast and throwing snow spray in all you friends' faces.  Today was my most fun non-powder day on the mountain so far this season.  Big up to my riding-partners-in-crime for having so much fun with me!

2/15 - Tuesday - Light workout at the Rec.  5000m on the rowing machine, 15 minute run on treadmill, 2x100 4-count flutter kicks.  Went riding with JD and Mike Sciacca for a couple hours.  A little sun but not as good as yesterday.  Still, fun.  Snowboarding has aggravated my right Achilles tendon a bit.

2/16 - Wednesday - Nada.

2/17 - Thursday - Went to the Rec. and ran hard for 45 minutes on the treadmill followed by 3000m on the rowing machine.  Then, leg press 3x30, glute/leg curls 5x10 (each leg), calf raises 3x25, pull-ups 3x5 and ye olde 4-count flutter kicks 3x75.   Good.

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