Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feb. 3 - Feb. 10

Weekly Summary - February 3 - 10, 2011

2/3 -Thursday - Off work at noon to put new spark plugs in my ice block of a truck.  Back to back nights of -20F killed my truck and my desire to run outside.  Ran and rowed at the Rec Center for 1:15, followed by a one-hour weight and calesthenic workout.  Soaked in the hot springs for about 10 minutes afterward.  A little lackluster, I could've run outside today.  Probably should have done at least the requiste 5.5 on Spring Creek but whatever.

2/4 - Friday - Off at 10:40 a.m.  So slow at the shop.  Another cold day, but nothing like the past couple.  It felt like it was in the teens, maybe 20F, and overcast when I went for a run at 1 p.m.  Ran the snowpacked bike path from the house to the library downtown before weaving my way back through town.  Light snow fall during the run was nice.  Ran back a little longer way, (super glad I had Microspikes as there was tons of ice everywhere) past the Medical Center, around Mt. Werner Circle and then a little extra in Whistler Park at the end to make my run 12 miles, 2:04.  Pace was slow and easy the entire run (9:00 - 12:00/mile).

2/5 - Saturday - No running.  It started snowing again.  Rode a few hours solo-style.  Good, deep snow and I got plenty of fresh.  Later, I soaked at the hot springs for about 10 minutes before I went to the gym and rowed for about half an hour (5000m with 3x500m hard intervals).  Then, did 3x30 leg lifts, extensions, thigh abduction/induction, curls, calf raises, 10 pull ups and 2x100 flutter kicks. 

2/6 - Sunday - No running.  18" of new snow equals Powder Day in the 'Boat.  Snowboarded with BA for several hours, getting some very sweet lines.  My best ever through Land of the Little People and some really great lower mountain tree runs.  Straight lining Storm Face and then launching cat tracks on Twister was super fun as was straight powder shredding Ted's Ridge.  Very nice.  Even took a break midday to have lunch and couple beers at The Paramount, Lee and Suzy's new place next to Slopeside.  An interesting evening, as well, made this a memorable day amidst a very weird time in my life.

2/7 -  Monday - No running.  Off.  Got school tonight.  It's been snowing all day but I'm not going to ride, just not that motivated.

2/8 - Tuesday -  Ran about 45 minutes on the treadmill with 10 minutes of cool down.  Cross country setting at 7:30 - 9:00/mile.   Leg curls (3x10 each leg) and leg extensions (3x30), hot springs soak.  Shorty workout.  Missed an epic day on the hill but oh well.    Legs feel good.  Very slight tenderness in left soleus.  

2/9 - Wednesday -  Taking it day by day.  I've got school tonight.  We'll see if there's any work...don't feel like running, anyway.  Walking the dogs was the only real activity today.   Legs feel good.  Most noticable issue as I sit here is a little tightness in my left plantar.  I should stretch.

2/10 - Thursday - No work in the morning so I took the dogs for a nice hike around Whistler Park  in the frigid morning air.  Two huge bull elk were laying in the park  I went to the hot springs and soaked for 10 minutes before suiting up for a run up Spring Creek.  Broke trail in knee deep (8-12") snow for the last 100' vertical and quarter mile before the turnaround.  I was really huffing in that section.  Nearly impossible to keep running the entire time.  With alot on my mind, this was a hard run and I was glad to be alone in the woods for a little while.   I was running so hard, listening to my breath and my traction crunch on the snow, when I stopped at one point.  I got quiet and realized that I was the only thing in the forest that was making a sound.  Everything was so still, silent and snow covered it really made me feel out of place for a second.  In a cool way, though.  5.5 miles on a snowy boot pack in 1:08.14.  Opted to not work out afterwards. 

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