Sunday, March 6, 2011

Feb. 27 - Mar. 5

Weekly Summary - February 27 - March 5, 2011

2/27 - Sunday - Started my day by walking around Whistler Park with Benihana and Marvin.  Later, I ran at least +/- 1000 vertical feet over 4.78 miles on Fish Creek Falls Trail and the Uranium Mine Trail in 1:24:25 with Bronwyn and some of her friends.  Leisurely pace on snow shoe and boot packed trails with the required MicroSpikes for traction.  The sun never quite came out so it stayed a little chilly.  The run was adequately fueled by a delicious breakfast at The Paramount courtesy of BA's dad (Thanks, Harvey!).  After the run, Bron and I discussed some possible dates for leading groups on trail runs this late spring/summer.   In May, we may be able to work out something in and around Dinosaur National Monument.  June through September, we've worked out a few weekends to do some short, supported runs around the Steamboat area.

2/28 - Monday - Nada.  Work + school +broken timing belt on the Yota = long day.

3/1 - Tuesday - Lil' shorty run on boot packed trails around Whistler Park.  A few good hills at a quick pace.  3.1 miles, 28:00, +/- couple hundred feet of vertical.

3/5 - Saturday - 5.14 miles, 44:21, road and hill loop.

3/6 - Sunday - Went snowboarding for a couple hours during the afternoon.  Turned out to be my 28th day at the ski area this year.  Definitely the fewest days since I moved here! A couple of inches of new snow, mid 30s for temps loosened up the base nicely.   But socked in and poor visibility unless you were in the trees.  Good solo shred session.

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