Saturday, June 16, 2012

Weekly Summary: Jun 9 - Jun 17

6/9 - 3.76 miles.  1:13:34.  Stagecoach Mountain.  Up to The Beach and back.

6/10 - Off.

6/11 - 5.46 miles.  :49:33.  Stagecoach.

6/12 - 5.29 miles. :46:38.  Stagecoach.

6/13 - Off.

6/14- 7.37 miles.  1:01:28.  Stagecoach.  My best run in the last couple of weeks since stepping on that damn rock in my La Sportiva Vertical Ks, which have no rock plate.  I wore my heavy ass Salomon XAs since they are like light hikers with a ton of underfoot protection.  I ran from the house down to Elk Run Trail by the lake and ran the south shore for a few miles.  The highlight was watching a bald eagle launch from the sage brush just 50 feet from me and glide out over the lake.  Just beautiful.

6/15 - 3.61 miles.  :38:39.  Mad Creek Trail.  Easy running out to the barn and back.

6/16 - 20.54 miles.  4:30:59.  3500'++.  Thunderhead Hiking Trail - Chisolm Trail - Storm Peak Challenge  - Mountain View Trail - Fish Creek Falls Trail - Fish Creek Falls Blvd.  I ran the hellaciously tough first 20 miles of the Run Rabbit Run 100 course this morning.  Five gnarly miles to the top of Storm Peak had me regretting not bringing my trekking poles and deciding that I will absolutely be starting the race with them.  My split to Storm Summit was a humbling 1:33:14 for 5.28 miles!  After a five minute break to eat, I started down Mountain View Trail where I found a few downed trees, another trail runner and a sweet, painful blister on the top of my left foot.  That slowed me down a bit so my split time to the Fish Creek Falls Trail junction was 1:16 for 6.38 miles.  Another quick break to eat again and adjust my shoes and I was off for the 3000', 5.5 mile descent on Fish Creek.  I started seeing people hiking the trail when I hit the second falls and by the time I got to the first falls I determined that I had seen about 30 people.  That leg took 1:06.  By the time I hit the trail head, I drank all the water in my hydration bladder and my water bottle so I filled up the water bottle for the last 3 miles on the road back to downtown.  It was really warming up by then and it only took those 3 miles to drain the whole bottle. 

6/17 - Off.

Last week, I took more time off to let my foot heal since the point tenderness in my forefoot was still lingering.  Fortunately, it's been feeling better and my motivation returned so I was able to ramp the mileage back up this week and get in what will probably be my last long run before next month's Leadville Silver Rush 50.  And a challenging long run it was:  4 and half hours to do 20 miles!  So much more technical trail than I remembered from those trails in the past.  Run Rabbit Run is going to be no joke.  However, focusing on the immediate future, we're leaving for the Bay Area on Monday and I'm looking forward to spending the next week at sea level for some mellow runs and a great time with family as Katy and I have our wedding at the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park. 

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