Tuesday, July 3, 2012

11 day Summary: June 23 - July 3

6/23 - ~12 miles.  Alameda, Ca.  Ran from Alameda over to Bay Farm Island and back to Sommai's house.  Just a nice, slow, long run along the bay shorline.  Felt incredible to run long at sea level and I would have been up to keep going and going if not for aggravating the sore spot on my right forefoot, again.  I was wearing the La Sportiva Vertical Ks and decided to not wear them any more after that run.  The lack of a rock plate in the sole just doesn't work for me.  Sick run, anyway.  The highlight was running by the rasta who asked, "How far is it?"  I just replied, "I don't even know."

6/24 - Off.  Flew back to Colorado

6/25 - Off.

6/26 - Off.

6/27 - Off.

6/28 -  3.59 miles. :41:25.

6/29 -  6 miles. 

6/30 -  Rest.

7/1 - 12 miles.  2,540'v.  2:47:12.  Mandall Pass Trail.  An awesome high-altitude ascent/descent on somewhat techy single track up to Mandall Pass in the Flat Tops Wilderness Area.  1:27:04 on the run up to the pass and :59:45 for the descent (2:26:49 round trip).  The trail was dry but there were numerous water crossings and lingering snow near the pass summit at just over 11,000'.  At the top of the pass, I hiked higher up onto the Flat Tops and checked out the vistas for a few minutes before beginning the return trip.  I carried two 21 oz. water bottles and several gels, a couple clementines, a banana and a cashews/dried blueberries, anticipating a longer run (it was my first time on this trail and I didn't know the exact mileage.) but did the run on 3 gels and both water bottles.  I also carried a SteriPen to treat my water if I was going to drink from streams.  Overall, a fantastic run and, as far as I know,  a Fastest Known Time for ascending and descending the trail.

7/2 - 4 miles.  Stagecoach.  Relaxed run down to the fire house and up to the dirt road to South Shore before turning around and running some trail back to the house.  Broke in the new Montrail Rogue Racers and they are crazy comfortable. 

7/3 -  6 or 7 miles.  Spring Creek Trail.  Nice after work run from JDs house to the trail and out a couple miles on a lollipop loop.  Added the "Elevator Shaft" ascent into the run for a steep hike.  Legs felt great on this run and so did the Rogue Racers.  I'm looking forward to seeing how the shoes perform in Leadville in a couple weeks.

Last 11 days mileage:  ~44 miles.

It took a few days after returning from California to get back into the swing of things.  I gained quite a few extra pounds while I was in vacation/wedding mode but I've already forgiven myself for all the delicious food I ate while we there.  Now that I've gotten a few miles in my legs, I'm starting to feel my form returning and I'm getting a little hungrier to race again.  Which is good considering I haven't really been thinking about this race much in the last month and fell off my running schedule for several weeks.  The idea for the next week is to just keep the running light and taper a bit leading up to the Leadville Silver Rush 50 on July 15th.

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