Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekly Summary: May 29 - June 3

5/29 - Rest.

5/30 - Rest.  Took another day off after a couple of punishing runs at the end of last week. 

5/31 - 7 miles.  400'.  Stagecoach.  Down to the lake and onto Elk Run Trail for about 4 miles before running on the road shoulder for a couple miles on the way back home.  

6/1 - 7 miles.  700'.  Spring Creek Trail.   Easy recovery run on Spring Creek.  Stepped on a rock that really tenderized my right forefoot. 

6/2 - Off.  Drove all the way out to Stillwater to run up to the Devil's Causeway and then do a sick 10-mile loop twice just to get denied by the weather and my foot.  I arrived at the Causeway trail head just as the wind picked up, the clouds began to roll in and the temperature drop into the 30s.  I was still game enough to get my gear together and try a Causeway summit but as I hiked down the trail it became evident that my foot was still way too tender to run anywhere.  Much less in a spring blizzard.  I hung out long enough to know the weather was going to get nasty and then drove home.  The wind and rain chased me all the way back home.  Denied!

6/3 - Rest.  Volunteer to work half-marathon aid station at Steamboat Marathon.  Katy and I had a great time working the aid station at the marathon halfway point with the crew from The Lodge (G. Hill, Clyde, Becky and Riley, Clara, Sean, Rick).  Next year, we're bringing costumes, better food and turning up the volume a little bit.  Soon, people will be running the marathon just to stop at our sweet aid station.  We're on the rise up...believe it.

Weekly total:  14 miles.  1100'.

Put up some pretty weak numbers this go-around but, whatever.  You can't control the weather or fortune so just roll with it.  Lately, I've been thinking alot more about becoming a father than running anyway.  Sure, I'm still jazzed about doing some races and running in mountains this summer, but it's all taken a serious back seat to what I've got on the horizon.   It's all pretty exciting, to say the least.  Next weekend, I'm camping out with some of the fellas outside of Clark so I'm trying to figure out a cool way to either run there or run from there.   There are some great, mid-Zirkel Wilderness Area trails that are accesible from that camp site. 

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