Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekly Summary: Jan. 16 - Jan. 22

1/16 - Rest.

1/17 - 1.91 miles.  :21:01.  Steamboat.  Noon.  Just a short run to take advantage of a sunny but cold afternoon after a decent snowstorm rolled through.  PM.  ~4 miles.  Quick run after work on roads around the middle school as the sun was going down.  Started to get pretty chilly.

1/18 - 4.83 miles.  :44:57.  Steamboat.  Noon.  Ran from my shop over to Christian's to say hi to my friend that I haven't seen that much lately.  Luckily, I was also able to catch up with Jonny B. and Astaman Vibration while I was there.   From there, I ran to the Core Trail and ran it from the James Brown Soul Center of the Universe Bridge (actual name) through town to Fetcher Park to meet Katy.  I ran a progressively faster pace each mile from 10 min./mile down to 6:30 min./mile.  Not a bad effort considering it was very cold and I wore Microspikes on my feet and carried a 10 lb. backpack!

1/19 - 6.3 miles.  1:00:01.  5-600'v.  Stagecoach.  PM.  Cruised downhill on the roads to the boat ramp by South Shore in near complete darkness.  The footing was actually quite good considering a decent amount of snow and ice.  It was cloudy but relatively warm for a January night.  A little windy.  Tried to push the uphills on the way back home.  Mostly because I wanted to get home and cook dinner!

1/20 - Rest.

1/21 - 16.47 miles.  2:58:01.  1670'v.  Stagecoach.  AM.  Really glad I got this one started early as the weather turned to shit in the afternoon.  I was able to catch the sun rise over the Continental Divide for about 20 minutes before it disappeared behind the clouds.  From the crib, I ran 2.5 miles next to the road before jumping on the snow covered trail on the north side of Stagecoach Reservoir for a couple more miles.  The snow wasn't that deep but the footing did get tough in spots.  About a half mile was just post holing shin deep snow.  The next section was a couple miles of snow covered dirt road before I crossed the dam and ran some more snow covered trail along the south shore.  There were quite a few people ice fishing on the lake, in various spots.  I had no idea it was so popular around here.  The last seven miles were a mix of dirt roads and asphalt.  I ended on 400' of climbing in the last .5 mile on snow covered trail.  There were no real low points during the run and I felt really good running a very conservative pace.  I ate two gels and just about finished my 21oz. water bottle.  After the run, I met up with Graffitti Pete in Oak Creek and he proceeded to give the ribs on my left side a beat down with his tattoo machine.  That hurt way more than the run but he gave me a sick Japanese hannya face that I'll have the rest of my life.  Good times!

1/22 - 3.10 miles.  :33:11.  Stagecoach.  Noon.  Just a chill jog with Katy after hiking up the mountain and snowboarding a little bit.  Nice and mellow dirt road run on ice and new snow.

Totals:  36.61 miles.

A solid week with a great long run.  Looks like the weather may have turned a corner and winter snow conditions MIGHT return to the Yampa Valley.  We had a decent storm roll through Saturday night but who knows if we will start getting it on a regular basis as is the norm here in the north central Rockies.  If it does, it could affect my opportunities to get running mileage and, instead, I will just do more touring on my splitboard (as I originally planned for the winter).  Truthfully, I was enjoying the chance to run in the winter since it's not much of an option in a normal snow year.

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