Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekly Summary: Jan. 2 - Jan. 8

1/2/12 - Rest.  My new training schedule calls for an off day on Mondays so I'll try not to run. Instead, I'll try and take the dogs for longer hikes up and down the hills or hit the pool or the weight room.   Today, I just hit the hot springs and took it easy.

1/3/12 - 6.07 miles.  :57:10.  ~350'v.  Stagecoach.  PM.  Clover-leaf run on the roads after work.  Cold, dark and enough traffic to make me nervous everytime an oncoming car came bombing down the road with its headlights blinding me.  Not a big fan of running roads at night. 

1/4/12 - 5.01 miles.  :43:10.  ~300'v.  Steamboat.  Noon.  Ran a road loop from 4th Street to the middle school and back into town.  Then, up and down the trail by the high school for an extra mile.  There were a couple good short uphills and I took it easy on the climbs but the downhills were nice and long so I pressed the pace a bit when I had the chance.

1/5/12 - ~6 miles.  54:52.  ~300'v.  Steamboat.  Noon.  Great road run (In shorts, no less.  Is it really January?) from JDs, past the high school, over to the middle school, then out to Buff Pass road and back into town.  Possibly just a touch short of 6 miles but I didn't have my GPS with me for this one.  I really like this route:  good up and down hills and a couple of flat road miles.  What a warm and sunny day, though.  I can't believe we're having weather like this!  Definitely the most mild January day I've experienced since I moved here. 

1/6/12 -  Rest. 

1/7/12 - 12.15 miles. 2:12:52.  1120'v.  Stagecoach.  AM.  It was supposed to snow this afternoon so I decided to run early and beat the storm (It never materialized.  Same thing all winter.)  Plus, I just love to run early in the day.  It was a crisp morning, mid-20s and lightly snowing.  I ran dirt roads covered in just a skiff of snow, hiding the icy spots underneath, for the first 3.5 miles.  I probably should've worn my Microspikes but I managed alright.  I jumped on the trail that parallels the lakeshore and ran a few trail miles out to the dam.  I took in the view of the water spewing out the other side of the dam where the Yampa river was being recreated and relieved myself while basking in the natural beauty.  Ahh.  Then, after nearly slipping to my ass on the ice, I started my run back home.  I retraced my steps in the snow on the trail back to dirt road and then ran a few more miles next to the asphalt road.  I kept the effort extremely relaxed, breathing out of my nose almost the entire time.  It was a nice, cool morning and I hadn't run in a snowfall for a little while so I took my time and really enjoyed the run.  I took two gels during the run.  One, just before the 1-hour mark and another at about an hour forty-five.  I stayed on top of my hydration and felt really good when the run was over.  Not tired a bit.   Walked up the hill and back down as a cool down.  Already looking forward to going long next weekend.  Fourteen miles.  Yes.

1/8/12 - 6.28 miles.  1:09:25.   670'v.  Spring Creek Trail.  AM.  Snowfall from the previous 24 hours accumlated a bit more in Steamboat than it did out here in Stagecoach.  I bit the bullet and made the drive into town to run Spring Creek for some snowy trail run action in the Microspikes.  I did the familiar out and back from JDs downtown abode up to the ridge above Spring Creek.  There were a few inches of new snow but the trail had been packed out a little bit by hikers and one skier.  The footing was a little dicey, yet fun and challenging.  By the time I made it up to the turn around point, I was running in sunlight under a bluebird sky and stoked I had made the drive to town just to run 6 miles.  I pushed the pace on the way out and didn't carry water or gels.  Excellent run and half mile cool down walk/run around Old Town. 

Weekly Mileage:  35.51 miles  ~2740'v.

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