Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekly Summary: Jan. 9 - Jan. 15

1/9/12 - Rest.

1/10/12 - 6.08 miles.  :57:22.  Steamboat.  Noon.  Did the 3.5 mile loop from Dizzle's out to the middle school during lunch.  PM.  After work, I did another 2.5 miles out and back on Spring Creek.

1/11/12 - 5.27 miles.  :49:19.  Steamboat.  PM.  Left work an hour early so I could still run in a little sunlight.  Not much, though.  It was dark by the time I wrapped it up.  Out and back on Spring Creek.

1/12/12 - 0 miles.  Didn't get out due to work, cold weather and life.

1/13/12 - Rest.

1/14/12 - 14.28 miles.  2:39:12.  >1000'v.  Steamboat.  AM.  Headed into town early with Katy so that I could go to the shop and work on her car after my run.  It was a brisk 5 degrees when I started out.  From downtown, I hopped on the Core Trail across from the rodeo grounds and headed toward the mountain.  I ran through my old neighborhood at Indian Meadows where some people had cleared the snow off the pond and set up a hockey rink.  At the end of the trail, I decided to take a lap around Whistler Park.  From there, I got back on the roads and did the 700' climb up to the top of Apres Ski Lane and then came downhill on Ski Trail Lane before stopping in at the Lodge to say hi to Katy, Greg and Patrick for a minute.  Afterwards, I continued downhill on Mt. Werner Circle and started to feel a little sore in some of my core muscles.  The feeling passed after a couple of miles and I was feeling good again by the time I got back to town.  As I ran passed Howelsen Hill, I could see cross country skiers competing and heard an announcer saying they were collegiate athletes.  There was a good sized crowd at Olympian Hall.  I ran down to the library then crossed over the 13th Street bridge and ran the rail road tracks until I crossed back over to the BMX track.  I ran on the side of the cross country ski track that had been groomed next to the softball fields and could hear skiers coming up behind me.  I almost felt like I was in the race for a minute there.  I would've stuck around to watch the race if I didn't  have a Subaru engine to take apart to install new head gaskets.  I finished up my run at the high school and did a quarter mile of walking/shuffling to cool down.  Overall, it was kind of a tough run with the rough patch in the middle but it was nice to get past the half-marathon distance again.

1/15/12 - 5.59 miles.  :49:45.  >500'v.  Stagecoach.  Thought I might be more tired for today's run but actually felt fairly recovered from my long run with the exception of a little soreness in my inner left quadracep.  Since I'm resting tomorrow, I pushed the effort a little bit harder but not overly so. 

Weekly Totals:  31.22 miles. 

A decent week of running despite getting shut down on Thursday.  No matter, that's life.  Sure, the overall mileage was down a little but I doubt I'll miss that 6 mile run come next summer.  (Hell, I didn't miss it that much on Thursday.)  I feel like my body is responding to my training schedule and is getting stronger however,  I still have much work to do in the endurance department.  Saturday's 14 miler definitely had some rough spots (even though I finished strong) and I'm hoping for good weather next weekend when I need to go 16.  After that long run, I'm getting my ribs tattooed (yeah!  Graffitti Pete is town for a visit.) so it could end up being a fairly painful day.  In a good way, of course.  Also, I registered for the Desert R.A.T.S. 25 miler in Fruita on April 14th to use as a long training run.  I'm actually going to run 6 miles BEFORE the race starts so that I can get in a 50 kilometer effort.  Last year, I was registered to run a half marathon during this yearly trail running festival but didn't go, so I'm stoked for the chance to go run in the high desert this time around.

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