Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Weekly Summary: Oct. 5 - Oct. 12

10/5 - 1:08:29.  6.83 miles.  +370'/-380'v.  Stagecoach.  Easy out and back run next to the road down to the trail by the lake.

10/6 - Off.

10/7 - 1:07:25.  7.18 miles.  +620'/-610'v.  Stagecoach to Sarvis Creek Trail.  Awesome late afternoon run from the "locals parking" on South Shore to Sarvis Creek trailhead and then the first climb on the trail and back to the truck.  Yesterday was the first day it snowed in the valley and today was bluebird but cool.  Running the dirt road from the dam to the trailhead provided a great view of the Yampa River headwaters and there were a ton of cows out munching on the grass.   I only ran a little bit on Sarvis (or Service, or Sarvice) Creek but the first section of the single track was really nice, smooth and easy to run.  The entire run was either dirt road or single track except for the concrete on the dam and judging by my time/mileage/vertical, I ran faster than I thought I did.  I must've been jazzed about "something special."  Nice.

10/8 - Off.  Went to Leadville to ride the train.

10/9 - :46:xx. ~6 miles.  +510'/-480'v.  Stagecoach.  Easy run down to fire station on trail, followed by a little road and then a little dirt road and back to the house with a little extra uphill.  GPS battery died on the way down so I didn't get the exact mileage but it felt like an easy six.

10/10 - :27:26.  3.53 miles.  +380'/-370'v.  Stagecoach.  Hard run down to fire station and up the next hill, turn around and back up with a little on a side single track.

10/11 - 1:03:56.  7.01 miles.  +490'/-490'v.  Stagecoach.  Loop down the trail to the fire station, then right on the road and up and steep little hill.  Left on the dirt road with a few hills and then duck under the wire fence and down to the lake shore.  Couple of lake miles and then uphill next to the road all the way back to the house.  Got rained on after about twenty minutes but I could see some holes in the cloud cover that said it wouldn't last long.  Nice and cool, in the 40s and had a great run.  Thanks, BA.

Totals thru 10/10:   4:33:16+.  ~30.55 miles.  +2370'/-2340' vertical

Bumped up my mileage and managed 30 miles for the week.  Now, I need to slowly start building and stay consistent with my running.  I'm very seriously considering running the 24 Hours of Utah race in Moab next March and I should start working on my endurance to facilitate that goal.  I think it's soon going to be time to start running in the mornings.  I'm going to miss sleeping in.  Well, you got to pay to play!


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