Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Weekly Summary: Oct. 12 - Oct. 18

10/12 - Off.

10/13 - Off.

10/14 - 1:44:40.  10.05 miles. +1180'/-1220'v.  Stagecoach.  Nice and easy long(er) run.  From the house, I ran over to the field and down the single track to the gravel path.  There down to the fire station and turn right, then up the road and left on the dirt road to the Elk Run Trail that travels the south shore of the lake.  I ran the trail to the dam and then turned onto the dirt road that goes out to Sarvis Creek.  I ran the dirt road to a small section of single track, where I did a short climb before turning around and running back home via the same route.  I got to run in the sunshine after leaving the shop early and running some errands.  The weather was a perfect 60ish with a light breeze.

10/15 - 1:21:16.  4.18 miles.  +1040'/-1030'v.  Stagecoach.  Run-hike-run-hike-run starting at the "locals parking" and up to the top of the band of cliffs on Blacktail Mountain on the north side of the lake.  I used trekking poles for the approach climb/bushwack through tall grass, sage brush, short bushes and scrub oak up to a class 5 scramble to the top of the cliff.  In hindsight, I would've been fine without the poles and, instead, should have worn knee high socks to protect my lower legs from all the brush.  The off-trail climb and downhill were only slightlly gnarly and I found a cattle track at the top of the ridge to run on.  I was surprised to find a couple of cows at the top and stopped once I hit a fence line.  It appears that the top of the mountain is private property. I ended up coming down in a different section from the ascent and had to navigate some thick scrub oak for a couple hundred feet before I found some openings.  Overall, a fun run and good alternative to my usual routes.  My ulterior motive here was to scout out the terrain for some splitboard lines I plan on poaching sometime this winter.

10/16 - :56:43.  6.2 miles.  +490'/-470'v.  Stagecoach.  Down to the lake and back easy. 

10/17 - 1:00:38. 6.01 miles.   +690/-690'v.  Stagecoach.  What a beautiful evening for a run.  Partial sunlight through layers of grey clouds and cool temperatures in the high 30s.  New snow covering the tops of mountains above about 8500' but plenty of fall color below that.  Legs started feeling heavy about half way through the run.

10/18 - :38:51.  4.45 miles. +450'/-440'v.  Stagecoach.  Good up-tempo short run to bring my weekly total to 30 again.   Hills and thrills around good old Stagecoach.  Ran a couple of trails but mostly next to CR 16. 

Weekly Totals:  5:42:08.  30.89 miles.  +/-3850'v.

Another solid week as far as total time/mileage/vertical goes.  Feet feel slightly tender in the mornings but much better than they have over the past year.  Endurance and leg strength feel very good and I should increase my weekly mileage to thirty-five next week.

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