Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Weekly Summary: Aug 2 - Aug 9

8/2 - Off.

8/3 -  5.55 miles.  :52.07.  ~400'v.  Stagecoach.

8/4 - Off.

8/5 - Off.

8/6 - 12.0 miles.  2:03.34.  4,775'v.  Mt. Werner Classic Trail Run.

8/7 - 8.92 miles.  1:54.57.  ~1,000' v.  Stagecoach Mountain.  Easy long hike/run on Stagecoach Mountain. 

8/8 - 13.49 miles.  ~700'v.  2:09.04.  Stagecoach Reservoir.  Easy long run but longer than I expected to go. 

8/9 - Off.  Took Benny for a long walk.

Weekly Totals:  39.91 miles.  6,875 vertical feet.  Great race last Saturday and a couple of long runs the two days after to get ready for a 15-mile, mega-vertical effort at Continental Divide Trail run in a couple weeks.   Looking forward to doing some running in San Francisco/Bay Area while I'm there next week.  Legs are feeling really good and my feet (plantar fasciitis and tendonitis) haven't been bothering me when I run, just a little in the mornings.

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