Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Weekly Summary: Aug 19 - Aug 24

8/19 - 4.00 mile.  :47:04.  ~800'v.  Silver Creek Trail.  Started raining not long after I started running up and into the woods.  Very hard at times. 

8/20 -  Off.  BA's wedding.  What a great time.  Started the day out with Creekside breakfast with Jonny and Matt G., then went tubing on the Yampa with them, Shasta, Christian, Dave and Rivers.  Brian and Melissa's wedding that evening was beautiful and a terrific reunion of alot of friends.

8/21 - 14.3 miles.  2:30:44.  ~3400' v.  Continental Divide Trail Run. 

8/22 - Off.

8/23 - Off.

8/24 - 4.91 miles.  :45:57.  +600'v./-610'v.  Stagecoach.   Easy road run to break in my new Suunto altimeter.  My newest mountain running toy.

Weekly Totals:  23.31 miles.  ~4800'v.

A bit of racing, a bit of recovery this week.  Mostly easy efforts to offset running one tough race and my longest run this summer.  Hard to believe how many 20-30 mile runs I did last summer and comparing it to the low mileage I did this year.  It's been cool focusing on shorter distance but I definitely miss the long adventure runs and ultras so I'm pretty sure I will be bumping my mileage back up next year and possibly going for my first 100-mile race or 24 hour race.  Over the next few weeks, I think I might be foregoing the last two trail races in the running series in favor of using the time to do a couple of long runs in the Flat Tops.  I've noticed that the leaves are slowly beginning to turn gold, so winter weather isn't far away.  However, the next two months are probably the best of the year to go trail running.  The weather will be cooler and the foliage will be ripening and I feel fit enough to make some longer routes.  I also want to try a speed attempt on my Flat Tops Short Loop and a Devil's Causeway double.  Once winter hits, I won't be getting a Season Pass to Steamboat this year, so I hope to be doing alot of longer splitboard tours to keep my cardio fitness up and running a little when weather permits.   

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