Thursday, August 18, 2011

Weekly Summary: Aug 10 - Aug 18

8/10 - 3.89 miles.  :36.31.  ~300'v.  Stagecoach.   Hard effort for first 5K then medium hard to easy cool down. 

8/11 - 6.74 miles.  1:04.28.  ~400'v.  Stagecoach.

8/12 - Off.  Katy and I drove down to Denver and caught a flight to San Francisco/Alameda to spend a few days with family and to prepare for our wedding there next summer. 

8/13 - 6.55 miles.  1:07.01.  ~50'v.  Alameda, California.   First of a trio of awesome early morning runs next to the bay with Katy.  Foggy, cool and occasionally, a beautiful view of San Francisco across the water.  I love running with my girl.

8/14 - 6.93 miles.  1:02.49.  ~5'v.  Alameda, California.

8/15 - Off.

8/16 - 9.02 miles.  1:18.44.  ~50'v.  Alameda, California.

8/17 - Off.   Flew back from Cali and, after a great lunch at Arugula in Boulder, Katy dropped me off in Blackhawk for BA's casino night bachelor party.  Great night with alot of great friends and a lucky one, too.  First time ever playing roulette and John Asta and I stacked it up on black to the tune of a few hundred bucks.  Decent first showing for me at the craps table, also.  Awesome time.

8/18 - Stagecoach. 

Weekly Totals:  33.13 miles.  <1000' vertical.  Fantastic week of easy running before doing the Continental Divide Trail Run this weekend.   I'm feeling pretty good, if not a little under-rested, after having a busy week of travel and fun.  CDTR will be a challenge, especially since it's the day after BA's wedding. Damn, life is really good right now.  There, I said it. 

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