Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekly Summary: May 23 - 30

5/23 - Off

5/24 - Off

5/25 - 8.01 miles, 1:06.xx, (100' -200'v.) -easy cruiser out Hwy 40 towards Rabbit Ears, turned around at 4.0 miles and slightly picked up tempo on the way home.  Been trying to decide how much running I should be doing and, at what effort, to give my feet the best opportunity to heal properly.  It's not very painful to run but the occasional pain during the day is not a great thing.   I don't think not running altogether is the answer. 

5/26 - 5.22 miles, 1:03.43, (1200+' v.) - Ball buster single track run up the ridge behind Whistler Park.  Start with a one-mile-ish warm up and then climb 934' in about a mile.  Made the turnaround in :31.13, then added a short 150' climb after the downhill.  This seriously vertical run has been a favorite test piece of mine for the last 3 years of running around this area.  It's a tough climb every time and I almost always have to hike several sections of the trail.  I can only recall having run the entire trail in the uphill direction one time in the past. 

5/27 - 6.22 miles, 1:0x.xx (800+' v.)  Ran Mad Creek Trail to a little ways past the barn before turning abound and doing a loop up to Saddle Trail and then back down to Mad Creek.  Short cool down on Hot Springs Trail.  Legs definitely sore after back to back days of trail runs.

5/28 - Saturday.  Easy shake down/recovery run.  Leaving for Denver with Katy in the evening.  A couple days away from Steamboat..

5/29 - Off  Slept in, had a big breakfast, went to Coors Field and watched the Rockies with Katy.

5/30 - Off  Another day off in Denver.  Watched a little bit of the Bolder Boulder 10K on TV and thought about running a little bit but other than that, nothing!  Legs feel great though.  Left foot is good enough to run but definitely a little tender in the morning. 

Totals:  19.45 miles, 2.200+' vertical

My next opportunity to race comes next weekend at the Steamboat Half-Marathon or 10K, but I'm not sure if I will run.  Actually, I doubt it.  The last two trail runs I had were so much fun that I am getting alot less motivated to go road running.  The snow should really start melting this week as it warms up a little more and the trails on Howelsen, "out and backs" on Mad Creek and laps up the ridge behind Whistler Park are fun enough in the meantime.

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