Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weekly Summary: May 1 - May 8

5/1 - 7.04 miles (1000').  1:03.52, road with hills, .31 miles, cool down

5/2 - 7.00 miles (1000') 1:10.23, road with hills.  I think I was going for a PR on the hill up Laurel Ln. on this run, but ran into Ross and Tim on the road and stopped to talk.  Still, working on both strength and speed on my runs this week.  Alot more vertical and faster downhill running (6:00 - 6:30 pace)

5/3 - Easy 1.6 mile/ moderate 1.8 mile for 3.4 miles running/3.3 on the bike! - Ran downtown to pick up my bike from JD's.  Then, rode to the store and back home.

5/4 - Chill

5/5 -  6.2 miles, can't remember how this one went down.   

5/6 - 8.36 miles, (1500'), 1:22.00.  Did 2x1.5 mile and 1x1.0++ mile hill repeats on Mad Creek Trail.  Starting to work on getting my trail and climbing dexterity back.  Trails still very soupy in spots where they weren't dry or snowy.  Mad Creek is about 80% dry up to Saddle Trail.

5/7 - 3.56 miles (200+'), 37:52.  Nice casual pace with Katy from the museum to Butcherknife Canyon (trail flooded a couple inches!) and out Spring Creek to the first bridge.

Totals:  39.19 miles ,  3,700 - 4,000' vertical

Another solid 40 (almost) mile week.  Nothing too strenuous or very long.  Mostly, I'm working on getting my climbing legs back and speed on the flats.   I think I'm going to run the first 10K race in the Steamboat Running Series next weekend to see what kind of speed I have.  Plus, it will be fun to see how many points I can rack up in the Series over the course of the summer.  It will be a good gauge for the early season, regardless.  I'm pretty sure I can bring a modest sub-45 minute 10K time to the table, at  least.  If not, I've still got a lot of work to do.  Either way, I've started doing it.  I'm just glad to be running on a little dirt now.  We're supposed to get more rain/snow early in the week then we'll see what happens the rest of the week.  I should do a few flat road runs this next week to make up for the vertical feet I've begun adding to my runs.   Right Achilles still acts up every now and then.  Spring is finally here, though.  Good times.   

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