Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekly Summary: May 13 - May 20

5/13 - Rest.

5/14 - Rest.

5/15 - Walk/jog a couple miles. Stagecoach. 

5/16 - 2-3 miles.  Stagecoach.  Some very light running on trails around the area.  Still a little sore on the downhills but recovery is going well.

5/17 - 4ish miles.  1100'.  Stagecoach Mountain.  Power hiked up to The Beach from the house and then ran the downhill at a moderate tempo.  Still feeling it in the quads a bit but not much.

5/18 - Rest.

5/19 - 12 miles.  1200'.  Spring Creek Trail.  Felt very good and did a fun, uptempo run on the smoothest single track in Steamboat.  Steady uphill from town up to Dry Lake and then some fairly good turnover on the downhill back to the trailhead, with a .7 mile cool down. 

5/20 - 4 miles.  780'.  Morrison Divide Trail.  Run/hike with Benihana was abruptly halted in the first .5 mile by a black bear that was easily 500 lbs.  Fortunately, I saw the bear before the dog and turned us around long enough for the bear to run up the trail and for me to leash the dog.  After giving the animal a few minutes of breathing room, we hiked back up the trail for a couple of miles before turning around.  I was hoping I might catch another glimpse of the bear but didn't.  I did, however, see a really nice fawn and lose my sunglasses somewhere on the trail.  So, not an uneventful outing. 

I was definitely sore in the quads for the first couple of days this week but fairly impressed with how fast I was able to recover from last weekend's 50-miler.  I have to credit eating plenty of good food, taking Juice Plus+ regularly, gradually building up my activity and the right amount of rest to getting back on track so quickly.  The focus for the next couple of months will be to continue with 3 hour-long maintenance runs during the week and getting out in the mountains on the weekends for 2-4 hour runs.  More importantly, I'm looking forward to getting out to San Francisco in a month for my wedding.  And maybe a little running, too.  :)  It'll be a sweet little vacation and I can't wait to see some family and take in some of the sights down at sea level.

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