Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fortnight Summary: Apr 22 - May 6

4/22 - Rest.

4/23 - Rest.

4/24 - Rest.

4/25 - Run/hike with Benihana up Stagecoach Mountain.

4/26 - Rest.

4/27 - Rest.

4/28 - 5.31 miles.  1:37:54.  Mega easy effort.

4/29 - 12.80 miles.  1:57:10.  Spring Creek Trail.  Ridiculously fun session on Spring Creek with about 15 minutes of barefoot running on the soccer fields by the high school afterwards.  Ran the 5.2 miles of single track up to Dry Lake and back into town at a super solid effort.   Just over an hour to get up to Dry Lake and then rocked the downhill return in 37 minutes.  The trail was in perfect condition.

4/30 - Rest.

5/1 - 6.35 miles.  1:03:38.  Stagecoach.

5/2 - Rest.

5/3 - 5.39 miles.  :42:25.  Stagecoach.  

5/4 - Rest.

5/5 - 14.13 miles (1500+').  2:43:37.  Sarvis Creek Trail.  Easy effort long run from South Shore out to Sarvis Creek Trail and, then, 4 miles out on the trail.  It was a beautiful, sunny morning and I felt really good.  I hiked much of the uphill sections and ran moderate 8 - 10 minute/mile back out, stopping frequently to take pictures.  I've wanted to run Sarvis since last summer and it was a real treat to find the trail pretty dry.  After the first mile, I could hear the creek raging but couldn't see it through the trees.  I was stoked when I finally crossed the creek on a bridge and found that the trail stayed right next to the water for the next 3 miles or so.  I can't wait to run it again, hopefully in it's entirety.  I had the trail all to myself, except for spooking a pretty decent sized elk cow.   I should've brought a second water bottle, as it got warm and I ran out of water on the outbound and had to refill from a stream without means to filter the water (next time I'll bring a Steri-Pen).   Hopefully, I don't come down with giardia or some nasty bug, but I think the chances are pretty remote considering the source I got the water from.  It was just fantastic to run a trail in Wilderness Area again. 

5/6 - 8.16 miles (~2000').  1:37:12.  Stagecoach Mountain.  Up to the top of the mountain with Benny before taking him back home at the 5 mile mark and continuing on for some light hill running. 

After Desert RATS, I took a few days off to recover, despite feeling really good and ready to run again within a few days of the race.   I also skipped a couple of maintenance runs due to some long days at work.  It shouldn't have any effect on my fitness at this point with regards to doing the Quad Rock 50 next weekend.   Bronwyn is going to go down to Ft. Collins and crew for me and I'm grateful to have the support on what I expect to be a really tough course.   Fortunately, the long range forecast calls for coolish weather.  The funny thing is that now that trails are opening up around here, I'm less motivated to race (and rest afterwards) because I just want to do long, slow wilderness runs.  Oh well, there will time for plenty of those this summer and the races are always fun. 

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