Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekly Summary: Mar 5 - Mar 11

3/5 - Rest.  Snowshoe with Benihana.  2.04 miles.  1:13:51.  I want to make sure I'm doing something active on Mondays so I can add it as a running day in a few weeks.

3/6 - 7.11 miles.  1:04:24.  Steamboat.  Yampa River Core Trail.  Downtown to Casey's Pond and back.  Tried to run fast but didn't have the wheels today.  Then, on my way back to town I see Katy ahead of me on the trail and I try to catch her.  It took at least a mile before I finally did but it was fun surprising her.  Enjoyed the rest of the run with her.

3/7 - 5.84 miles.  :51:18.  Steamboat.  From JDs house, I ran by the high school then up the hill and past the middle school and to the turn off for Buff Pass Road before turning around.  First mile easy, second mile around 8:30 pace, third and fourth around 7:00 and last mile back down to 9:00.   Chased local high school speedster Charles Rhode for a while.  That kid is fast!  And I'm getting old!

3/8 - 6.33 miles.  1:00:31.  Steamboat.  PM.  Ran up a snow-packed Spring Creek Trail until it got too punchy to run anymore.  An inner right quadracep/groin pain irritated me for most of the run so I almost cut it down to 5 miles but it subsided enough for me to finish with 6. 

3/9 - Rest.  Soaked at the Old Town Hot Springs for a little while with JD.

3/10 - Rest.  Still a bit of lingering pain so I decided to skip my run.  I did get to support Katy as she ran a fast 5 miles for the Creekside team doing the Steamboat Pentathlon.  I really enjoyed spectating the event and getting the opportunity to talk with participants and other spectators alike.  The pentathlon is a really unique event that starts with running up Howelsen Hill to your skis or snowboard and downhilling back to the transition area.  A 2.5 mile snowshoe run is next followed by a 4 mile skate ski.  Then, an 11 mile bike ride and, finally, a 5 mile road run.  It was a beautiful day and there were a few hundred people in attendance. 

3/11 - 17.35 mile.  2:50:18.  1530'v.  Stagecoach.  AM.  Mid morning run 8.5 miles out and back on the dirt road to Lynx Pass from the house.  It's been getting into the 40s for the last few days so the road has been getting really muddy in the afternoons, thus the morning start when things were still slightly frozen.  It was a great run with hardly any vehicle traffic to contend with and beautiful blue skies.  I took a quick detour up Silver Creek Trail to check conditions, take a piss and eat a clementine, but it's still completely snowed in for a few more weeks.  I turned around another mile up the road and laughed as I noticed that I had been enjoying a tailwind on the way out.  No wonder it seemed so easy!  I went a little further and saw Katy's car as she had driven out to check on me so we chatted a little as I ran.  She headed home and I spent the next 1:15 working my way back down the road as it warmed up and it got muddier.   It was mostly downhill with the exception of a 250' climb about 2 miles from the end and another 200' as I finished. 

Weekly Totals:  36.63 miles. 

Some good runs this week despite coming up short on total mileage again.  Assuming it doesn't snow much in the coming weeks and barring injuries, I should be able to get 45-48 miles/week.  Next weekend, I have a 24 mile long run to complete.   Now that I've gotten into some longer runs, I'm also having opportunities to work out what I should be eating before, during and after these efforts.  I got to sit down with Bronwyn and discuss my diet and several suggestions from her to ensure that I am replenishing not only electrolytes after my long run, but also making sure that I eating a protein/carbohydrate/vegetable meal within 45 minutes of finishing to hasten recovery.

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