Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekly Summary: Mar 19 - Mar 25

3/19 - Rest.

3/20 - 6.12 miles.  :54:41. ~500'v.  Stagecoach.  PM.  After work run on the first day of Spring.  Yee haw!  I'm stoked spring is here and can't wait for the trails to open up.  That's still a month away but I'm already jonsing to run up some mountains.  Today's run, on the other hand, was a relatively stale hilly 6 miler on dirt road out towards Lynx Pass.  Somewhat muddy but mostly soft moist dirt.  I felt so full the entire time I thought I might vomit.  Before I left the shop, Bob said we'd better finish his birthday cake (from Friday) that was in the fridge and I ate a pretty big piece(s).  Uh.  I've got a mean sweet tooth.  Anyway, couldn't shake the cake for the whole run despite trying to run fast.  I drank a measly two sips of Gatorade during this one.  Still, it was a beautiful sunny day in the 40s following a little bit of snow last night.

3/21 - ~5 miles.  Stagecoach.  PM.  Super-slow cruiser run.  Going to try and make my Wednesday runs at 10-15 min/mile pace as I think this will be (roughly) my "all day" pace. 

3/22 - 7.31 miles.  1:11:51.  Stagecoach.  PM.  Ran down to South Shore from the house on dirt road and trails.  Can't believe how quickly everything is thawing out.  I'm pretty sure I will be able to run almost any trail under 9000' by mid-April without seeing much snow (if any).  Today was still mostly muddy with a little bit of snow here and there.  So stoked to know that trail season is so close!  Trying to figure out what shoe I want to use for ultras this year.  I'm leaning toward La Sportiva's Vertical Ks, Hoka One One's Stinson B Evo and Salomon's Sense.  Each shoe has a 4mm heel-toe drop, so they are all pretty minimal.  The Sportivas and Hokas are light but also cushioned while the Sense is just incredibly light.

3/23 - Rest.

3/24 - 14.30 miles.  2:23:56.  1100'v.  Stagecoach.  PM.  Just realized I was supposed to run 16 miles today.  Oops.  Anyway, it was a nice run around the lake on mostly wet trail or dirt road this afternoon.  I saw Adam Sando, who had been fishing (of course), about 4 miles into my run and stopped to catch up with him for a few minutes.  Good talk.  Continued from there on the closed dirt road along the northern shore, crossed the dam, then ran some soggy trail for a couple of miles before getting back on dirt road for the last 4 miles.  It was a satisfying effort and I stayed well hydrated and fueled for the entire run.  Some minor soreness in the feet at the end but nothing unusual.

3/25 - 6.66 miles. 1:21:49.  Stagecoach.  AM.  I parked at the south shore local's spot and ran across the dam and down the dirt road to Sarvis Creek with Benihana.  Nice and casual run by the river at the dog's pace.  A little walking here and there.

Weekly mileage:  39.33

A good reduced mileage week with a lot of easy running and I kind of felt like I needed it to recover from my last 3-week build up.  After a day and a half off from running I'm hoping to start my next cycle feeling fresh.  My next 3-week cycle ends with 31 miles of running in the desert down in Fruita, Colorado at the Desert Rats Trail Running Festival so I'm pretty excited about getting the season started.  This first race is a training run so I won't be running my fastest, just trying to get some quality miles in under race circumstances as well as dialing in my nutrition schedule and gear.

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