Monday, September 26, 2011

Summary of Two Fortnights: Aug. 25 - Sep. 26

8/25 - Off.

8/26 - Off.

8/27 - Off.

8/28 - Off.

8/29 - :38.  +/-390'v.  Stagecoach.

8/30 -  :30.  240'v./-210'v.  Stagecoach.

8/31 -  Off.

9/1 -  :49:22.  4.77 miles.  470'v./-490'v.  Stagecoach.

9/2 -  Off.

9/3 -  Off.

9/4 -  Off.

9/5 -  1:52:38.  10.21 miles.  1210'v./-1180'v.  Silver Creek Trail.

9/6 -  Off.

9/7 -  :27:21.  2.96 miles.  Stagecoach.

9/8 -  Off.

9/9 -  Off.

9/10 - 1:02:08.  7.75 miles.  +/-1130'v.  Emerald Mountain Trail Run.  Steamboat. 

9/11 - 1:41:35.  10.58 miles.  780'v./-740'v.  Stagecoach.

9/12 - Off.

9/13 -  1:31.  930'v./-890'v.  Stagecoach to CR 14 hill climb.

9/14  - Off.

9/15 -  Off.

9/16 -  Off.  Travel.

9/17 -  Off.  Travel.

9/18 -  1:03:22, 8.10 miles.  Whistle-Stop Rail Trail.  Farmington - East Wilton, ME.  A really nice run through the woods to a neighboring town and back.  The path is a former railway turned into a wide, gravel, multi-use trail that allows ATVs, bikes and hikers in the summer and snowmobiles and cross country skiiers in the winter.  I got a feel for how lush and dense the New England forests really are and with the leaves beginning to change color (a deep red), I was mesmerized.  In a mere 4 miles, I crossed 3 wooden bridges with spectacular river views. 

9/19 -  :44:06,  4.93 miles,  +260'v./-220'v.  County Roads, Farmington, ME.

9/20 -  Off.

9/21 -  :52:32, 6.26 miles.  Whistle-Stop Rail Trail.  Farmington, ME.

9/22-   Off.

9/23 -  Off.

9/24 - 1:27, +/- 1870' v.  Stagecoach Mtn.

9/25 -  Off.

9/26 - :32, +\- 300' v.  Stagecoach.

My running has been more than a little inconsistent for the past month.  The last couple weeks of August, I started trying to treat my plantar fasciitis by rolling my foot on a golf ball for 20 - 30 minutes, once or twice a day and took a few days off from running.  For a couple weeks or so, it really seemed to help and my foot was feeling great in the mornings so I added a little bit of light running and had a nice trail 10-miler on September 5th (my birthday run this year).  The following week, I did a race and a couple of hour-plus runs and the morning pain returned so I took it pretty easy before leaving for a week-long vacation in Maine.  While in Maine, I did some easy effort running on trails and on the road but the foot was still nagging me a bit.  When we got back last weekend, I was really jonsing to run some vertical so I ran to the top of Stagecoach Mountain last Saturday.  The run felt incredible and the golden fall foliage was just off the hook.  I really, really, really want nothing more than to go for a long (2-3 hour) run in the mountains during this perfect time of the year but the pain in my feet (however mild, relatively speaking) has got me feeling conflicted about how much (if any) running I should be doing.  I guess I'm just starting to feel pressed for time since winter's not that far off and I want to start increasing my mileage/time on my feet in preparation for an ultra I want to do next spring.

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