Saturday, June 25, 2011

Weekly Summary: June 20 - June 26

6/20 - 5.13 miles, :40.30, ~600'v.  Slightly soggy day so I stayed off the trails and ran some road hills.  I wasn't really "feeling it" but still gave a decent effort and worked on my leg turnover on the downhill on Bear Dr.  My route from the house was: bike path to Chinook Ln., through the First Tracks condos over to Mt. Werner Circle, up to Val d'Isere and then down Bear Dr. to Walton Creek, Stone Ln. and bike path. 

6/21 - 7.54 miles, 1:58.42, ~1500'v.  Red Dirt to Saddle Trail down to Mad Creek and back with Benihana.  Benny got super hot so we had to stop a few times so that he could cool off. Poor little guy has to run in a fur coat no matter the weather and today got sunny and we did alot of climbing.  Fortunately, there were a few places to stop where he could stand in the water and cool off and we hiked a mile or so instead of running.  I feel bad because I get frustrated with him for not being able to keep up sometimes but then I need to remind myself that he's not out on a training run, he's just running because he loves to, it's his instinct.  And then that reminds me of the real reason that I'm out running trails:  Because it's what I love to do.  Good boy, Benny.

6/22 - 9.18 miles, 1:51.10, 2000+'v .  First time running up to the top of the Gondola this summer and it was a good one.  Whistler Park game trail up to Valley View and then up to the gondy.  Made it to the top in 1:05.40 before running the same trails back down.  On one of the steepest parts of the climb, I checked my pace and saw that I was doing a 27-minute mile.  I had to laugh!  Still, I love this route.  It's mostly in the trees but still has a couple sensational views along the way.  (None of which I stopped to take in, today.)   Very technical footing for much of it, but the single track section on the Mountain allows for some smoother running.  My favorite thing is probably that almost every time I run this route, I have it all to myself.  My cool down on the bike path was really interesting as the creek had swelled in the time I was gone and I got to run in 6" of water as I got home.

6/23 - 6/26 - Off.  More or less taking a few days off from running to pack and move Katy and I out to Stagecoach.  I'm feeling pretty good though.  Feeling strong from the last few mountain runs and pretty sure I would have logged a 40 mile week if we weren't in the process of moving.  Today (6/25), I'm nerding out in front of the computer and watching how the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run plays out. 

Weekly totals:  21.85 miles, 3100+'v.

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