Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weekly Summary: June 13 - June 19

6/13 - Off.  Double lower calf blowout from the race this past Saturday.  

6/14 - Off.  Really surprised to still be feeling the after effects of the race.  Apparently, I ran much harder than I thought.

6/15 - 5.5 miles, xx:xx, ~500'v.  Ran Spring Creek Trail with Katy for a couple of miles before continuing up the trail a another mile and half or so by myself.  Legs felt incredibly fatigued at the beginning of the run despite already taking three days off and I could feel the lactic acid in my calves coming back on during the downhill return.  

6/16 - Off.

6/17 - 10.3 miles, 1:40.01, ~1,300'v.  With the snow finally melted all the way up to Dry Creek, I decided to go for what I like to call an "end to end burner" (to borrow a phrase from the graffiti world, meaning to paint a train car entirely from one end to the other) on Spring Creek Trail, so I ran the entire trail from trailhead to terminus and back.   A cool, slightly overcast day was perfect for running and about 3.5 miles into my run I saw and stopped to talk with Adam Sando, who was mountain biking.  He confirmed that the trail was good to go all the way up to Dry Creek.  It was a tough run overall.  It took me a few miles to feel good but it didn't last long and even after the turnaround (5.15 miles, :57.24), I felt like I was working way harder than I should've been.  I hit the 6 mile mark around 1:03, which is what I ran 8+ miles in last weekend.  Ended the run at a casual pace rather than pushing it too hard.

6/18 - Off.  I hadn't planned on taking Saturday off since it is usually an opportunity to run as long as I'd like, but today was different.  One of Katy's dogs, Ulu, had been acting oddly so I dropped him off at the vet (where Katy actually works part-time) in the morning.   They called her and we both met there to find out that his lungs were dangerously full of fluid (possibly the result of an erupted tumor) and that he was having an incredibly hard time breathing.  Under the circumstances, our only choice for treatment was to try and get him over Rabbit Ears Pass and down to the Front Range to run some tests at Colorado State University in Fort Collins.  The down side was that he was in such bad shape and old enough (he was over 11 years old) that he might not survive the trip or tests.  Our only other option was to have him put to sleep, which, sadly, is what we decided to do.  I have lost other pets in the past but never sat and watched as one was given a lethal injection to end it's suffering.  As painful as it was to do, it was the right thing to do and the staff at the clinic were very supportive and kind.  Ulu was a gentle and wonderful companion and we are incredibly sad about losing him so suddenly.   We love you, Monkey Dog.

6/19 - Off.

Weekly Totals:  15.8 miles, ~1,800'v.

Another really low mileage week, but some things are just more important.

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