Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just a couple training notes from the past few days. Saturday, I tried to get a long trail run in and went to Mad Creek in the morning. The weather has been either rainy, snowy or generally shitty for May. The trails were in good shape in plenty of spots but overall, they aren't quite ready yet. I ran up Saddle Trail to Red Dirt and it was a virtual stream in some spots. Once I got up to Red Dirt Trail and started climbing the trail was, again, good in most spots, but plenty of snow still remained and I had to turn around after only a mile or so due to deep snowpack above 9000' or so. At this time, however, Benihana decides to run off into the woods. I ran the same damn section of trail back and forth for 20 minutes until he came back. When he did, he was too tired to run fast and we slowly ran about 5 miles back to the truck. Thanks for vibing my run, little guy. I ended up running about 2 hours that morning and went back out that evening to run about 40 minutes until I was satisfied.

Sunday, I didn't run because I went down to Boulder to get my tattoo worked on. I would've liked to run before my appointment but it was at 10 a.m. and it's a 3 hour drive.

Monday, I ran just over 5 miles around the mountain neighborhoods at a quick pace finishing in 40-something minutes (too lazy to go look it up). It was a chilly fucking 41 degrees and pretty much rained steadily on my ass the entire run. I may have run a little too fast, though, on the long downhills. I'm feeling some odd, sharp pain in top of my feet today. I actually tried to talk myself out of running on the way home from work, but went out anyway, and felt off the entire time. I turned around after a couple miles and took it easy on the way home. Don't know if it's the weather (tonight was light rain and cold again) or my body but I suspect it's a little of both that I need a small break from. I'm ready for some sunny, warm weather.

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