Friday, May 14, 2010

Holy Craptastic Weather, Batman!

Man, I don't even want to really write about this week. I'm all ready for spring, like most people 'round these parts, and it's been cold, rainy and snowy all MONTH! This week took the cake, as I was finally worn down by Mother Nature's unfair hand and just did not want to run unless it was dry. Tuesday, I went out for another rainy ass 4 miles and just couldn't deal. To make matters worse, top of my left foot started hurting. Sheesh. Wednesday, I stayed home and watched the weather get even worse as it just straight up snowed all evening. Thursday, we got a reprieve in the weather and I was so happy for decent weather that even after a full 8 hours at the shop, I managed a 1:53.13, 13.5 miles out-and-back up Hwy 40 towards Rabbit Ears Pass. I turned around after climbing about 800' up the pass at an awesome vista overlooking the Yampa Valley and stopped for a minute to take in the view. My stomach started feeling really queasy during the run but it subsided and I didn't think much of it until I didn't have an appetite last night. Some strange gastro-intestinal issue that has been lingering through today. Because of that, I decided to rest again (and it rained) and just get in some quality miles this weekend. I really need to get a Rec Center pass so I can swim on days when I can't or don't want to run.

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