Monday, April 12, 2010

Weird run this evening after work. Not so much strange, but I can't figure out where it came from. After running doubles yesterday, I was going to run at an easy pace for an hour and just see what happens. Today felt like a really long day at work and I was tired when I got home. Being an automotive mechanic/technician is not easy work, mentally or physically. On the contrary, it's very physical (obviously) and tons of step by step problem solving to keep my mind engaged. Even routine maintenance needs to be done conscientiously. In short, it's rarely the run at the end of the day (or beginning, or both) that is so tough, it's the 8 hours proceeding it!

I thought it was just a little fatigue from yesterday, coupled with the days work that was making me feel lethargic. Still, it wasn't that hard to find the motivation and I was actually relieved to be going running. Beneath the soreness, I could feel my legs were getting stronger, so I was eager to let loose. I laced up and started out slowly for my one hour road run. I got on the shoulder next to Highway 40 and decided to just run along the road for half an hour and then turn around and run back and make sure that I stayed out for an hour. The course was so flat and air was nice and cool, I had no trouble settling into my pace after the first mile. I ran with my mouth closed and breathed through my nose. My rhythm was quick and light. Heart rate fairly steady at 140 bpm. I thought about the Africans I watched running the Rotterdam Marathon yesterday. The top two charged their way to sub-2:05 finishes, just a couple minutes off world record pace. I imagined myself having their grace and fleet footedness. The long, straight, flat run agreed with me today and I was surprised to find that I fairly effortlessly ran 8 miles in exactly one hour, about 7:30/mile.

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