Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekly Summary: Feb. 6 - Feb. 12

2/6 - Rest.

2/7 - 6.09 miles. 1:15:58.   -  4.12 miles. :36:37.  Steamboat.  Noon.  Lunch road and trail run from 4th street around the middle school and back.  PM.  1.97 miles.  :39:20.   Stagecoach.   After work, did a couple miles with the dogs at an easy pace. 

2/8 - 3.7 miles.  :35:14.  Steamboat.  Noon.  Lunch road and trail run from 4th street but ran the reverse of yesterday's route and used the trail a bit more.  Didn't run in the evening so I could spend some time with my beautiful future wife and my dogs. 

2/9 - 6.08 miles.  1:29:02.  ~750'v.  Stagecoach.  PM.  -  ~.5 mile,  ~:20:00, 400'v.  hike with the dogs.  Let them pull me up the hill then I ran behind them on the way down the hill.  They're so fun!  Followed by a 5.58 mile, ~350'v.  1:09:02 snow run/trudge in 2-5" of new powder.   Those hills were tough.   Didn't get seven miles for the day but the time on my feet more than made up for it.

2/10 - Rest.

2/11 - 11.48 miles.  3:46:33.  ~1200'v.  Stagecoach.  AM.  After a couple of days of snow, I wanted to have some fun instead of the usual Saturday long run so I broke out the splitboard and made a one-mile touring loop in the open space by the house.  It took a little longer than a half hour to put in the initial trail.  I did two more laps in the same track then, on the 4th one, I started a new track about half way through the loop so I could break into some virgin snow again.  After 4.32 miles in 2:03:42, my legs were feeling pretty heavy, so I figured it was time to go run a few miles.  It was a beautiful, sunny day and a warm one, as well.  I changed into a pair of shorts and a long sleeved shirt and looked, I'm sure, completely out of place as I ran on snow covered roads around Stagecoach (6.46 miles, 1:15:52).  After that, I took the dogs for a walk as I cooled down (.57 miles, :18:59).    Quite a bit short on overall mileage but I got a great "time on feet" workout. 

2/12 - 8.01 miles.  1:26:xx.  ~500'v.  Stagecoach.  AM.  Ran the first couple road miles with Katy before I jumped on the snowpacked and groomed trail.  That didn't do much for traction though, the snow was loose enough to slow me down to 11-minute miles as I ran along the south shoreline to where the boat ramp would be. 

Week:   35.56 miles.  ~3000'v.  8 hours, 21 minutes!

Came up quite a few miles short of 42 for the week but with 8 hours on my feet, I'd say that was pretty worthy for almost 40 kilometers!  Alot of slow running, trudging and splitboard touring should be good for my leg strength and endurance, if not for a fast leg turnover.  No matter, speed work (which I do plan on doing this spring/early summer) is not essential for ultramarathon success (re:  finishing!) and it's always worth skipping a few miles if I'm spending that time with the ones I love. 

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