Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekly Summary: July 19 - 25

7/19 - Off.  Blah.  Should've run.

7/20 - :36.xx. ~200'v.  Stagecoach.  Ran the trail down towards the lake and back.  Worked hard on all the uphills and recovered on the downs.  Good, short effort.

7/21 - Off.  Second day this week that I didn't run simply because my attitude sucked after work.  Like most people, I hate my job most days.  Unfortunately, it affects my running way too often.  Not winning!

7/22 - 2.0++ miles.  19:00.  ~150'v.  Stagecoach.

7/23 - 9 miles.  1:17.24.  2500'v.  Spring Creek Memorial Trail Run.  My second time running the Spring Creek race was just as fun as I remember it being the first time.  The newspaper reported that 180 runners showed up to run to run either the 9 miler or the 5K race.  It was another gorgeous, sunny morning and I was definitely eager to run this race again.  I had a bone to pick with the course after getting lost last year and  I was also excited to see if I could better my previous time.  The race had the same fun, trail run vibe and I was really glad to see my friends Bronwyn and Derek running this year.  There were all sorts of runners on hand.  A couple of fast guys from Ft. Collins and one from Denver (the eventual winner), joined a few of Steamboat's speedsters at the front of the pack and visitors and locals alike all lined up for this annual romp through the woods.   At the start, I went out a little hotter than I usually go and settled in behind the lead pack before watching the fast guys get smaller and then, disappear altogether.  The first mile is relatively flat (slightly uphill) but miles 2 - 4 feature two very steep, unimproved single track climbs through the aspens with several downed trees to climb over.   I kept the tempo quick, hiked the severely steep sections and was only held up by having to re-tie my shoes a couple times.  Once on the dirt road up to Buffalo Pass,  I still ran a steady pace and made it to the Dry Lake parking lot in just over 45 minutes.   I felt like I had pushed it a little hard on the ascent but I was stoked to be starting the 5 mile downhill part of the race.  I picked a fast pace and tried to just let gravity do the work as I ran my way down the course.   The trail was in great condition, tacky and fast.   Thus far, I had pretty much run the entire race by myself.  With a couple miles to go, I was caught from behind by Greg Joyce (whom I beat by 30 seconds last year!) and I could tell that he was running stronger than I.  Once we hit the wider part of the trail, I moved to the side so he could pass and I tried to hang with him to the finish.  He just had too much left and I slowly drifted further behind.  I dug down deep to finish strong and still managed a big smile on my way to the finish line.  I was the 10th runner across the line (6th, 30-39 year old) and kept my Running Series streak of top 10 finishes alive. I bettered my time on the course by 1 minute and 49 seconds but still felt like I faded too much in the end.  I'm sure that my endurance was much better last year because I had so many long runs under my belt.  This year my short distance running and focus on speed helped me keep my legs turning over fast even though I didn't have the "deep miles" lungs and legs.   Big up to Derek McClung who ran a respectable 1:28.14, getting in under his 1:30 goal just a week after riding 114 miles in the Tour de Steamboat.  Awesome job, buddy!  Bronwyn's 1:44 on this gnarly course is nothing to sneeze at either.  Next race:  Aug 6 -  Mt. Werner Classic (12 miles, 4775'v.).

7/24 - 1:10.xx.  ~400' v. Stagecoach.   Fantastic sunny run around the south shore with Katy.   The wildflowers are off the hook right now!  Katy's longest run in a while and it was just wonderful being out with her for more than a couple miles.

7/25 - 10+miles.  1:35.xx.  ~500'v.  Stagecoach.  Out and back run from the house down to the dam and then about another mile or so.  Wanted to get in a longer run in preparation for Mt. Werner in a couple weeks. 

Weekly Totals:  ~30 miles.  ~2950' vertical.

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