Saturday, February 20, 2010

away we go...

Not a very auspicous beginning to my blog about mountain running, my running has been curtailed the past week due to some tough cough and congestion. I've still been getting out, but the workouts haven't been super productive. I'll start with a little background info...

We've got your typical February weather for the Central Rockies: plenty of snow and ice and temperatures from -5F to teens in the morning, daytime temps in the 20s and 30s. The trails I've been running are snowbound and I've been running in Kahtoola MicroSpikes for traction and plenty of layering and Gore-Tex.

Going back to last Sunday, I enjoyed a beautiful early morning run where I just ran for an hour without really paying any attention to pace or effort. Just enjoyed the crisp, cold air, the sound of my footfalls and the company of my canine cohort. Felt great and spent the afternoon snowboarding deep powder in Fish Creek Canyon, a short out-of-bounds hike from Steamboat Ski Area.

Worked a full day Monday and didn't feel like running that evening. I could feel something was off Tuesday morning and by the late afternoon, I knew a cold was inevitable. I went for a 47 minute hill workout that evening and took the next two days off to let my body recover. Friday morning, did an easy half hour before work but it just got me coughing for the next couple hours, as the cold air seems to have done a number on my throat. This morning, feeling a little better, I went for a medium-hard one hour run, half on hills and half on road. Cough still persists but the legs are working well. Well enough to go snowboarding and slash some deep snow for a few hours this afternoon. Looking forward to getting everything back to normal in the next couple of days.

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